What do you do when your world gets turned upside-down?

You are faced with a tragic loss- it could be a spouse, a friend, a parent, or a child. But it’s devastating. You sometimes find it hard to breathe.

Maybe your loss is not a loved one but a job, a marriage, a cherished hope or dream.  The Truth is, we all face loss throughout our lives.  Sometimes that loss can be devastating and soul crushing.

It’s so easy in those moments, even if you are a person of deep and abiding faith to find yourself asking the question, Where Was God When I Needed Him? How could a loving God let this happen?  

If you have these thoughts, don’t beat yourself up, they are more common than you might think.

This website is dedicated to you… May the insights and materials offered here help you find solace, strength, comfort, and hope in your journey toward emotional and spiritual healing.

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Here is a tool you can use to help heal.

Our 13 year-old daughter, Renee, was in a tragic automobile accident.  At the time I had been pastoring for 19 years.  My faith was strong-rock solid, or so I thought. The following 31 years Renee lived severely handicapped, unable to walk or even communicate. This brought almost unbearable hurt, confusion, and yes, doubt.  When tragedy strikes unexpectedly, we sometimes find ourselves asking the unspoken question, where was God? I know I did.

I have perspective now that helps answer that question.  I have learned a lot through my quest for answers, through my personal struggle with God.  My own struggle and journey led me to write this book.

It is my sincere hope that the insights shared in this book will be a lifeline to you, a rope of hope to pull you through the challenges, questions, and struggles you may be facing right now.