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We are offering all Profits from book sales between now and December 31 to the Renee Alumni Scholarship for students that are physically challenged (Vanguard University). See scholarship information below! You will also receive the missing chapter, "Atheists in God's Flower Garden," a favorite of many. This Holiday Gift Offer is not available through Amazon or Barnes and Noble. This special price of $14.95 for a single book or orders for multiple copies provides even greater savings for as little as $9.95 per book. See below!
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Special Gift Offer - We are offering all Profits from book sales between now and January 30 to the Renee Alumni Scholarship for students that are physically challenged (Vanguard University). You can read about the Renee Alumni Scholarship by clicking this link. Also, you will receive the missing chapter, “Atheists in God’s Flower Garden.” Both of these offers are available through this website at a special price of $14.95.

Many have purchased additional copies as gifts for family and friends. Purchase of a single book is $14.95. The purchase of 2-7 books are $12.95, and the purchase of 8-12 books are $10.95 each. Additional copies are available for even greater savings. If you are a ministry group and desire to purchase more than 30 books, contact us for a special rate. You can reach us through the CONTACT link, or call 760-580-0349

We have placed the endorsements for the book on this web site. Click the link. These will provide you with what others are saying. 

12 Reviews for Special Gift Suggestions

  • My friend, Dr. Dan Myers, is like a modern-day palmist. - Friday, October 16, 2020
    —Ricky Jenkins
    Senior Pastor, Southwest Church, Indian Wells, CA

    “Our path to healing might be quicker were our shepherds brave enough to reveal their wounds. Like a modern-day psalmist, Dr. Myers’s vulnerability helps readers tow that all too familiar tension between our love for God and our frustration with Him when life takes its turns. If you’ve gone through pain—you need to hear what Dan has to say. If you’ve had the pleasure of a pain-free life, read this volume anyway. For as Mama said, ‘If you’ve never known pain, just keep living.’ Thank you, Dan & Dorene, for providing answers to the question we’re all asking!”
  • Incredible writer - Friday, October 16, 2020
    Floyd Gilreath, Former Owner of High Tech Company

    Dr Myers is an incredible writer and presents God's word very carefully. I have purchased an additional 12 copies as Christmas gifts for family and friends.
  • Climbing the highest mountain - Thursday, October 15, 2020
    Heidi Bogdan

    Awesome book that takes you from the depths to the highest mountain
  • A thought provoking book on how to find God when living through tragedy. - Wednesday, October 14, 2020
    —Dr. Michael J. Beals
    President, Vanguard University

    Dr. Dan Myers pulls back the veneer of glib spirituality in Where Was God When I Needed Him? to face the pain and bewilderment of unexpected tragedy and unanswered prayers. This book is not about providing an answer. It is a travel companion for those of us that are living the question—a must-read.

  • Better than good, like superb - Monday, October 12, 2020
    Sandra Poe

    This book is better than good, loved it. I bought 12 for friends and family members who are finding life a struggle.
  • My twice read book - Sunday, October 11, 2020
    Nancy Pozzi

    Went through once and now once more! I love it! a Great work!
  • Our Pastor Emeritus continues to challenge and comfort - Friday, October 9, 2020
    —Chris Johnson
    Lead Pastor of Grace Chapel, Lancaster, CA

    “I can’t think of a person more equipped to write on why God allows pain and suffering. Dan Myers is the Pastor Emeritus at the church I currently lead, and the events he describes took place in our town and church. His deeply insightful meditations are grounded in biblical truth, yet confront the honest, heartfelt questions he had to process as he dealt with the tragic loss of his daughter. Myers’s vulnerability, compassion, and deep-seated confidence in Christ will not only be a balm for the souls of those currently going through hardship, but prove a valuable resource for pastors and counselors as well.”
  • In his book Dan still challenges me - Friday, October 9, 2020
    —George White
    Iowa United Methodist Pastor in the Heartland.

    “Dan Myers challenged my thinking the very first time I met him twenty-five years ago. He is still at it! Where Was God When I Needed Him challenges us to face life’s darkest places and hardest questions? You won’t find cheap, easy answers here. But Dan will point you to the Lord of life, who will one day fill in all the empty blanks.”
  • Flying above the clouds of despair - Friday, October 9, 2020
    —Dr. Gary Brandenburg
    Pastor-at-Large, Fellowship Bible Church Dallas
    “How appropriate that this book, Where Was God When I Needed Him, was written by a hang gliding enthusiast! All of us have felt the exhilaration of being lifted above life’s mountain peaks to experience the “power of His resurrection.” But we also have days when we lose our lift and fall back toward earth to experience “the fellowship of His suffering.” This honest look at faith, hope, and love is not merely a theoretical exercise. These insights come from an early mentor of mine who has “slipped the surly bonds” of an earth-bound perspective to live out a life that is eternally significant.”
  • A book I give to my clients - Friday, October 9, 2020
    —Jeenie Gordon
    LMFT Marriage/Family therapist, author, speaker

    “As a Marriage/Family therapist, I am often asked this question by clients experiencing gut-wrenching emotional pain who are crying to God for answers. Often God’s silence makes it appear as if He does not care. Dr. Dan Myers vividly and honestly expresses the pain, the questioning, and the despair he and his wife experienced after the accident and eventual homegoing of their precious daughter. He holds nothing back. This book is extremely well written, with the powerful use of scripture pointing people to Christ, and is one I will recommend to clients. A must-read!”
  • Great teaching tool - Thursday, October 8, 2020
    Judith Pifer

    Dan, your book is a great teaching tool. I'm ready to read it again
  • A great inspirational affirming book - Wednesday, October 7, 2020
    Coach Ben Hobbins

    great inspirational and affirming book. IO bought 2, one for a friend.
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