Special Christmas Pricing

Each of the first 300 pre-publishing orders will contribute a $2.00 contribution to the Renee Alumni Scholarship for students that are physically challenged (Vanguard University). You can read about the Renee Alumni Scholarship by clicking this link. Also, you will receive the missing chapter, “Atheists in God’s Flower Garden.” Both of these offers are available through this website at the published price of $14.95.

Some have already purchased Christmas gifts for family and friends. Quantity book purchases are:

      • 2-7     – $12.95 each
      • 8-12   – $10.95 each

If you are a ministry group and desire to purchase more than 12 books, contact us for a special rate. You can reach us through the CONTACT link above, or call 760-580-0349

Temporarily we have placed the endorsements for the book on this web site. Click the link. These will provide you with what others are saying.